Review I

17th November to 26th November 2012

A new week- a new start- a new topic: Daniel surprised the readers with a post about „An early christmas gift“ and ‘present’ them.. surprise..surprise.. NOT the early tips for christmas gifts but more a gift of knowledge: he informed us about the situation of homosexuals and their rights in Uganda.

On tuesday our lovely Patricia described in her moving post „Children without a childhood“ the cruel reality of children who fight in conflicts all over the word, carry weapons and act like soldiers. UNICEF was the first institution concentraded especially on that problem.

Mid-week: our funny modelstudent Leo asked the reader: „Wanna be more productive?“ and offered immediately a great answer: „go and sleep!“ We could find out that power naps improve our performances and were introduced to the most efficient methods.

Hit the road, Black“– an up-to-date report by Luzia Marie about the new opening of the gallery in a vacantly tunnel at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. Thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, the public has the possibility to discover 113 photographs of celebreties wearing the famous Chanel jacket.

Time for a serious topic: „China’s foreign aid in africa- a blessing or a curse?“. An issue where Ina offers her knowledge about China’s false investments and the money Africa could need to create more businesses and jobs.

Making it to the top! Anywhere in the world! For women just a dream?“– a meaningful message with a significant answer of powerwoman Caya. She raises hope for female workers in the dominant male field and teaches with specific facts how woman can grap their chances.

Last but absolutely not least: sunny boy and jet setter Manuel– discussed in the sunday post „the utopic green economy“– and the associated question “potentially in latin america?”. A great arrangement of diagrams and colorful schemes underlines his position.