Review IV

until its done

15 weeks of BizApps are coming to an end. We look back at a wonderful time in our group! Every Wednesday, we were sitting together, exchanging our thoughts, enriching each other with new ideas how to bring our blog “The Life of an IBMAN” further and further.

We have passed the links of our blog posts to friends and family. They were not the only ones who liked our posts: Bruce and even experts liked our scientific work. This kept us motivated and on a high level to achieve even more. Consequently, we never forgot to work hard on ourselves: Literature Review, Konstanze Model, Webpage, writing style, design, ideas, opinions, researches got better and worthwhile!

We are nine students who are so diverse. But we are also nine students who have so many things in common: Each and everyone of us found their way: Through experimenting with various topics and examining different writing and language styles, we achieved writing a cool blog by digging deeper into topics!

I am so excited to see in which direction we will be going from here….

We have achieved our goals! We have contributed to a great work here in BizApps! And we found some friends, too!

Leo, Daniel, Konstanze, Ina, Sabi, Marie, Patricia and Caya