Review III


We are the bloggers of „THE LIFE OF AN IBMAN“ and we are proud to state “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

A briefly review of the last happenings and a preview of the next topics should help to identify the developments and further outlooks. Due to the fact that teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes difficult it is always helpful to see and notice that you have others on your side. 

Modelstudentleo is always a bit fascinated about psychology topics- Do you want to know “How to overcome seasonal abjectness” in dark winter? Please get great tips of our model and webmaster. He manages our profile, takes care of the comments and is always very helpful. Cheers, Leo!

Caya89 questioned in “A book? What is it?” how the value of old, real paper books is dramatically decreased through modern electronically reading technologies. She is a member of the Week-in-Review group and created with luziamariegeorge the unique author biographies. Next post, next try? Be surprised about her topic.

Sex and the Study”– the explanation of the connection of these two main words succeeded luziamariegeorge. The latest post deals with facts and numbers about the female Berlin students and their high prostitution rate as a side job. In her next blog post she would like to inform her reader’s about the sex industry.

Patriciakl– the star blogger with her “Independence day”. A stunning post, eye-catching and convincing through story telling, although only her button of the Iphone broke. It could happen that her next post deals with the topic of artificial insemination and sex determination.

Daniellustig found his own significant way. Can you imagine how he reached his goal?- Trough telling his readers that it is absolutely okay to have “fear of business failure”. In addition he opened their minds with “Stories of failure and success”and deepens his started topic. Probably he will continue to write about that topic and is the hardest-working blogger of our group.

Our hotel- and management queen Konschtanze offers within her post “Being environmentally friendly- why should hotels care?” an important and worldwide question concerning the proportions of eco-tourism and green policy. She is one of the leaders of our blog and tries to help wherever help is needed. New informations and relevant facts about the branch of hotels are coming soon… Be prepared for Konstanze’s next post.

Mrs1hell and Ina our mind map-girlies, they always know who, when, what will be blogged and how the different members act together.

“The different way to life”; a detailed explanation about green, unique architecture with the main feature of integration in the nature was Mrs1hell’s latest post. For the future she will continue to communicate about exceptional buildings concerning sustainable architecture.

Our environmentally conscious Inahko clears up about the dramatically high food-wasting and encourages their readers: “Don’t throw that away”… instead: find the astonishing information about the possibilities of food-sharing in order to help individually. Her following post could deal with any theme in supporting the environment. Take care: Ina changes the world.