Review II


Time has passed, changes have been made, passion has been expressed – all in one. Let me tell you something:


It is astonishing and inspiring to get to know the group and its interests better and better!

  • 1st change: Have you already noticed the snowflakes? Thanks to our webmaster and powernapper Leo everything is possible! He puts so much effort into his work as awebmaster (layout, widgets etc)
  • 2nd change: new design – hey this is fun! Now we have a better overview of all our posts. At that, each post has a powerful image that describes the content of the post.


In “Came. Stripped. Conquered.”, our socially caring Marie invites us to think about Female Rights by means of the revolutionary movement “Femen” where admirable women fight against sexism, prostitution and exploitation of women.

Our extremely productive student Leo demonstrates in “Man, I just can’t focus right now…” how to be even more productive than ever in showing us his discovery of strategies on how to be more concentrated. He compares staying focused to a serious sport where you can be successful w/o doping.

Read in “Good Death” the captivating discussion of our determined Daniel whether to legalize euthanasia or not. if you want to know more about this controverse topic and the right to die, click here. In Daniel’s second post, he shares his view on the “Erasmus program: endangered species” by highlighting the insufficient funding from the EU for this beautiful student exchange program.

This week, our commited Konstanze reveals interesting facts about child labour. We know that some of IKEA’s suppliers employ children, but “Should I support that IKEA uses child labour?”. Konstanze discusses the rights of children and the measures taken by IKEA to fight poverty and to improve life and to bring education forward.

Our smart Manuel makes a statement in his post “Latin America on its way to socialism?” by discussing the changes that are happening in Latin America regarding politics and economy. He presents how the Latin American countries step back from democracy and capitalism and instead stick to socialist principles.

Caya, that would be me, wrote in “I need to tell you a story of this guy…” about Guerilla Marketing and its creative concept, secrets and goals. I wanted to give my readers an understanding for this advertising strategy that sets value on a striking idea rather than on a big budget.

In “India’s people = guinea pigs for the western pharma industries?”, our lovely Ina researched about international drug companies that take advantage of poor people in India who cannot afford medical treatment and undergo experiments (often w/o knowing) for this unethical and cheap  drug development.

In “Immoral Businesses” powerful Patricia investigates about global players like Starbucks, Amazon and Google that make billions without paying taxes or at least paying little taxes. She reveals that they invest in smart accountants who know all the loopholes in our system in order to avoid paying taxes with the legal tricks it offers. Check out her latest post as well called “Independence Day” in which she tells a beautiful and humorous story about fighting smartphone-addiction.