The Business With The New “Openness”- How Technology Is Changing The Way of Sex

Technology is already having a major effect on sex lives the world over and there’s far more to explore than the women reading shilling shockers like “50 Shades Of Grey” or “Wetlands” on their Kindles undetected by the other commuters on their train. From web communities to hardware our sexual culture is evolving and being altered by technology. First of all it’s probably important to point out that it’s not only technology which is changing the way we think about sex rather it’s the modern belief and ongoing development of the society who changed the way we think, discuss or handle with sex.

When Sex Is a Family Business

Let me tell you the story of the freelance journalist Joy Imboden Overstreet. Last year the New York Times published her article where she revealed within a personal report her experience with the new age of openness regarding to sex.  She was asked about the jobs of her kids:

When the conversation turns to my son Ethan, an industrial designer, I’m never sure where to go when I answer the follow-up question, ‘What does he design?’. Nothing prepared me for the moment in 2002 when Ethan, who had recently started his own design firm in San Francisco, came out with the truth:

‘Mom, I’m going to design vibrators.’

If I’d been drinking tea, it would have come out my nose. My mind whirled with images of bleached-blond porn stars in black bustiers, dark ‘Adult Only’ storefronts in the sleaziest part of town, a leering Hugh Hefner surrounded by his bunnies.”


Investing In The New ‘Openness’?

According to an average mom, Joy Imboden Overstreet identified immediately the sex industry with this dark, prohibited, “dirrty” business and forgot to think about the profit this market produces at the moment. Inspired by that article I wondered: Is it really useful to invest in this new “openness”? ggggggggggggggggI tried to research. At the beginning more general, towards the end more specific. In recent discussion of the web I  I tried to research. At the beginning more general, towards the end more specific. In recent discussion of the web I found out that a person thinks on sex approximately 14 times a day. More precisely: men 19 times and women 10 times. So if everybody- you, me, my friend, my uncle, the baker… is thinking on sex that often, how can it be possible that this relevant issue is discussed rarely in nowadays business life?

Why Sex Sells More Than Ever

Let’s look behind the facade. Angus Loten, an author of declares „Why Sex sells more than ever“ and how the U.S. sex toy market, accounting up to $2 billions sales every year, is  stimulating the economy. According to him there are several reasons why the business with sex changed: “..the new mix of e-commerce, a gradual shift in sexual attitudes among mainstream consumers and the sale of sex toys in localshopping malls.”
Suki Dunham, a former marketer at Apple and the co-owner of OhMiBod, a vibrator company, makes a whole range of music-activated vibrators- the “Naughtinanos”, an IPhone-compatible device that vibrates in sync with a caller’s voice. The company’s devices were featured in Grammy Awards goodie bags in 2010. An ongoing development seems to conquer.
Pat Davis, the CEO of Passion Parties, a national sex toy supplier based in Las Vegas points out that in the past few years, sex toys have begun appearing on, and other mainstream shopping sites. Moreover Jonathan Birchall of the Financial Times reports that Amazon is offering more than 40,000 products, including over 9,000 vibrators and more than 5,500 “sex-enhancers.” but also quoted Mark Morford, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, who praises the retailer for “..merely folding the toys into their massive array of general offerings… – what a desperately needed notion for a sex-starved and deeply misinformed, orgasmically uncertain nation.” hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaloooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The improvements regarding to sex dolls, toys, self-help machines or online portals are impressive but becomes- to my mind – from time to time stranger. In June 2006, Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network told The Sunday Times he believed “People (were) going to be having sex with robots within five years.” That’s the intersection where technology’s role of sex gets problematic. Moreover the survey “The Use of Technology in Relationships” published by the University of Plymouth last year – disclosed that 88% of 16 – 24 year-olds strongly agree that technology has had a positive impact on their relationship. But almost half of those surveyed agreed that online interaction could damage “offline” relationships. It seems that this is not the only disadvantage of technology occurring at our sex lives. According to Dr. Wendy Walsh from for some people technology is actually replacing sex. Pornography, Skype, sending a nude photo- technology and sex are closely intertwined and nowadays inseparable. Moreover another problem arises, she adds:“Plenty of people are doing far more typing than talking.”

Technologies That Changed The Way of Sex

Transferring the sex industry and the improvements in technology on our daily lifes there exist a huge re-imagination. Inspired by The Business Insider’s Seven technologies that changed the way we think about sex” you could draw interesting comparisons between the past and the future.


The Future of Sex- Five Trends That May Transform our Sex Lives

The online magazine asked about the future of sex and published five trends for the future.

1. The commercial sex indusry will expand the definition of sex

There will be a growth and an importance of the virtual sex world and the interaction with non-human machines. Robotics will allow sex add-ons to supplement traditional offerings.

2. Tech innovations will raise the intimacy of commercial sex

In the future successful sex workers will integrate technology into their workplaces in order to differentiate themselves and create an emotional relationship. One start-up company named PillowTalk stimulates the intimate experience of lying in bed with a partner by mimicking a heartbeat in a large pillow.

3. Commercial sex will converge with pop-tech

The commercial sex sector in repurposing pop-tech (mainstream tech ideas) to make it sex-specific. Innovators within commercial sex are connecting current platforms to sex in everyday life.

4. Sex work will be dependent on region. 

Even though technology has created digital bridges across the globe, sex-based services will continue to be different in the developed and developing regions of the world. This change will provide a safer and more stable work environment for sex workers, who will be empowered by technology to take ownership of their careers by using collaborative networks and online promotion for personal marketing.

5. Mainstream organizations will realize the economic value of commercial sex

Mainstream brands, governments and investment firms are aligning with commercial sex to not only attract consumer attention, but also to raise revenue. In 2011, PETA announced plans to launch a site to promote vegetarianism.

I Can Get Satisfaction

Weighing the pros and cons it stays relevant to say that there will be always ongoing processes, new inventions and helpful improvements in the field of technology as well as in the department of the sex industry. In the end it depends on a clever combination of these two fields and the courage to gain new attitudes and change old habits. Finally, what counts is the “satisfaction” of the customer and according to the detailed research this can be ensured– seen over a long-term period – by the use of the technological development and our openness to new ideas.

Exactly happen in the case of Joy Imboden Overstreet when she ended her article in the New York Times with the following words:

“Meanwhile, on my 66th birthday, an unmarked package arrived. Inside was a familiar white box. I opened it to find a gold-plated vibrator engraved ‘Mom’ within a heart, and beneath that the inscription, ‘Behold the golden years.’ In that moment, with a mixture of pride, hilarity and delight, I could only marvel that my son had managed to shock me again.”

Nowadays Joy Imboden Overstreet is a proud and successful investor in her son’s company, Jimmyjane.