This semester I have started writing blog posts. At the beginning, I made huge steps forward, I learnt how to engage professionals, do a proper research, and answer most of the question about the literature review. However, after about two months, I felt that I have achieved my peak and I stopped making progress. In my last blog posts, I wrote about avoiding the fear of failure and how to turn your failure into a success.  Today I am going to write about things you should do, once you find out you got stuck in your learning process, professional life or personal development.

‘Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.’

Atul Gawande


If you still doubt, you can achieve greatness, don’t worry! I am sure even you have myelin. I have always been jealous of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Brad Pitt, because they excelled in what they do. I thought I was just unlucky when I was born and didn’t get enough talent from the God. But according to, myelin is the answer to the green-eyed monster! A few studies about myelin have shown that greatness isn’t born, but it’s grown. Even David Coyle, an award-winning journalist, knows that and he wrote a whole book about it. Now you know that achieving greatness is possible. But what should you do for it?



One of the most inspirational speakers, Dan Waldschmidt, tells a magnificent story of John Stephen Akhwari, a nobody who achieved greatness, and explains that you should make the decision to keep trying no matter how hard it gets along the way. Even I can easily relate to that – I wanted to drop Business Application class three weeks before the end despite everything I had done. Afterwards, I took a deep breath and I saw that I can go on and try to achieve greatness. How?


Walschmidt knows that people fear the future and the opportunity to achieve greatness can be overwhelming and can make us stop trying. In his next post, he describes one example what could happen when we are close to achieving greatness. His advice is: ‘Just take the next step!’

‘And a step is easier than a journey.’

Dan Waldschmidt

Jim Collins, an inspirational best-selling author, has another recipe for achieving greatness. The most important ingredient is your own definition of greatness. What does actually ‘great’ mean for you?


If you have a feeling, you have done everything you could, but you still want to keep improving, you should find yourself a coach. Coaching and mentoring is one of the best things you can get when you are on your way to achieve greatness. Even Raphael Nadal, one of the best tennis players in the World, has his own coach, as many great athletes do. Why is it important to have your own coach?


Also Atul Gawande describes in this article how he understood the great importance of coaching and how he became one of the best surgeons in the world.

So what did I do, when I felt that being good is not good enough? What did I do in order to move forward on my way to achieve greatness? I decided to keep trying like John Stephen Akhwari, I took the next step like David Walschmidt and I got a coach, like Raphael Nadal. And what are you going to do in order to achieve greatness?