Winter blues? How to overcome seasonal abjectness…

I am sleeping too much. It is harder to get up every morning. I tend to feel powerless. Sometimes I just want to sleep. I am bored and lazy. What’s so bad about staying at home? It’s cold and dark out there…I just want my peace, have some rest with me, myself and I.

Some people would definitely say this sounds like a person that is experiencing winter with all its characteristics. Quite normal, huh? But what if there is more behind it? Medically or diagnostically spoken one easily could assume a serious depression. According to the, going to the very root of the problem, affected people suffer because of lack of (natural) light. This sometimes leads to SAD.

Do you feel impacted? First of all, calm down there is no reason to lose your head. Check out some of the common symptoms here. Professionals claim that the causes of depressions or similiar illnesses are often found in lifestyle issues or sleep deficite. Be aware that taking some time to relax or sleep can work wonders. Affected people have a lacking in motivation and feel tired for most of the time. Perhaps you feel the same – face that it could be just “normal” fatigue and consider taking a powernap! Be careful with hasty conclusions, even experts have difficulties to diagnose depressions and their various sub sufferings.

“SAD is a mood disorder associated with depression and related to seasonal variations of light. SAD affects half a million people every winter between September and April, peaking in December, January, and February. The ‘Winter Blues,’ a milder form of SAD, may affect even more people.” Mental Health America states.

What is light therapy?

Well, obviously we can’t change our seasonal climate or weather. This leads us to the question – What is the way out of that truly sad situation? Looking for a solution one thing keeps recurring: light therapy. When it comes to the topic of depressions or especially “light therapy”, most of us will readily agree that there is so much inaccurate half-knowledge and rumors about this and it is difficult to take a unified position on the question of treatment of these sufferings.

The social psychologist Ilan Shrira, Loyola University in Chicago, points out a surprising statement. According to his findings, he reports that “there’s a strong relationship between the amount of sunlight and suicide – it’s just in the opposite direction we expect” Thinking of dark, cold and “unfriendly” weather one surely thinks about Scandinavia really fast. Therefore it is a common stereotype of Scandinavia to have high suicide rates. The psychologists claim that people who commit suicide most likely suffered from depressions. On the other hand, especially SAD, are caused by environmental and outer influences. Anyways, there are light therapy bus stops in Sweden!

In contrast to that, Winter Blues: How to Survive Them a highly interesting article, finds that there are temporal peaks in suicidal statistics – directly related to the environmental influences like weather, climate and daylight.

How is light helping me? The Value of Light

If lack of sunlight causes or contributes to seasonal affective disorder, then getting more light may reverse it 

M.C. Miller concludes in his today published post, that consulting professionals should be the first step to fight against the winter blues – followed by the right treatment – possibly light therapy. So what can we take out of it? Reading those articles makes one thing really clear: it really depends on your personal situation and your type as individual. I myself tend to be more happy in summer and seem to suffer from the dark seasons. Therefore I purchased the VALKEE – a device which uses light therapy to help sad-suffering people. See the Video below, introducing the valkee – a possible way out of SAD or depressions. Sounds like quackery to you? Check out the research behind it! !

Last but not least what experts agree on: The happier and more active you are, the less danger to be sad! Or how Barney Stinsons would approach this: