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Last summer I jobbed as a receptionist in a cosy hostel at the eastern edge of Berlin.

One warm evening a beautiful french lady entered.

She worn a cool blue torn jeans, a black leather jacket and asked if it might be possible to reserve a single-bedroom for at least three nights.

I checked our calender, it was possible and so she stayed.

The next day, I was working again at the reception, when a loud typical “clicking” of some high-heels interrupted my thoughts.

I looked up.

In front of the reception stood the lady from last night wearing a short golden skirt, glittering purple 20-cm-pumps and a wild hair-style.

The only thought I had: defenetely a prostitute!!!

We had a really great and interesting chat and she told me that she started to study in Berlin and only needs to find an apartment.

When she left I knew it and she knew that I knew how she is earning her living.

“Fucking Berlin”

I never really could forget about her and so it happened that I read the book “Fucking Berlin” by Sonia Rossi.

It tells the autobiographical story of an Italian girl who travels to Berlin to study math but realizes that paying for her apartment and the bills it is hard to do so on a waitresses income. So she chose to prostitute herself.

The way into the world oldest profession

According to an article on, a survey with 3200 Berlin students of both sexes by the student council offers that one student out of three could imagine to finance their studies with a job in the red-light districts.

The truth is- out loud an article on– that one student out of 27 works in that sector.

Reasons for students to prostitute

In accordance with Studiblogger entering the prostitution is never difficult but leaving it all the more. For most of the Berlin students the way into the prostitution is more coincidental. Most of them study during the day and practice their special side jobs at night- if they don’t want to disclose their identidy they rent a room.

Reasons for the prostitution are similar: high costs of living and tuition fees, indebtedness, no financial support of the family or the BaföG office. A rare aspect is curiosity about sex with other persons and genders.

The dangers with the SEXperience

According to a blog post on it is true that prostitutes can reach high wages but they sacrifice their health with sexually transmitted infections and violence, as well as social and psychological drawbacks. In fact, even if it seems to be an easy “job” to make money quickly, conversely it might become a dangerous step from which you might not bounce back in your life.

Imagine your monthly income is far from enough, for your parents it is impossible to financially support you, the BaföG-credit is low and a side job next to your full-time study is not possible: Could you imagine doing a job in the red-light district like the french student from the beginning?