Independence Day

It is Thursday night, it is dark outside. I was texting with some people and then, the unimaginable happened: the one and only button on my smartphone broke – I couldn’t do anything with it anymore! It was dead. There was no way it could be rescued. OH NOOO! What should I do? Ran to my dad, who couldn’t help me either, but since his smartphone had a little bug too he would be going to the mobile phone store the next day. Ok, so my phone was being taken care of the next day, but what should I do ‘til I get it back? I guess it’s back to the roots… So I took out my old cell (it even had more than one button!) and had to deal with that one.Flurry_Pulse_October2009_iPhoneAppAddicts-resized-600

One thing that I immediately noticed was: you don’t check your phone as often as you do when you have a smartphone. Fewer peoplesmarphone-addiction text you because you don’t have “WhatsApp” any longer. AND: I was finally able to pay attention during class, as nobody texted me.

Is it common to be addicted to your smartphone?

Yes it is and I experienced it myself. When I was lying in bed, close to falling asleep, I usually check my mails once again but I couldn’t do it. So I didn’t check my mails and that left me with a weird feeling of missing out on something.

According to a recent survey almost 50 % of all US adults own a smartphone and the trend is increasing. Whether your use of yourHaving-Dinner-w-friends smartphone is close to an addiction can be found out relatively easily. Are you updating your Facebook status on how great lunch is with your friend while actually being there? Well, that’s one step too far. Think about it. It is ironic isn’t it?

Nicholas Carr, a famous writer, dealt with that topic and gave some basic ideas on how to overcome your phone habits by simply being conscious about what and when you’re doing something on your phone, by being strong and not checking your phone every time it rings and by being disciplined meaning don’t use your phone in certain situations.

We don’t want Albert Einstein’s saying to be true, do we?

Albert Einstein once stated the following:

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”Enjoying-a-museum

But I’m afraid to say that the day is already here and we are the only ones who can do something about it. Meet your friends instead of texting them all the time, socialize with others.

I will try to improve my behavior and to leave my phone in the pocket – especially during class. I don’t need to be available all the time and it is incredible on how much you miss out while being on the phone all the time.