I need to tell you a story of this guy…

…I recently met. He owns a really beautiful little bookshop with a very warm and intimate atmosphere. Everything was fine till Dussmann settled right next to his place. Unbelievable. But, my friend could handle it. However, he truly had enough when Hugendubel came along as well just one month after that. And now imagine Dussmann putting these sales posters into the window: “30% off” and then Hugendubel needed to beat that of course with a poster that said “alles raus plus free gift” so what would you do if you were that guy?

Of course you’ll have to think of something very eye-catching, you need to use your weapons: So i’m gonna tell you what my friend did – he just put a huge banner over his door that said “MAIN ENTRANCE”

Here is the WOW-Moment:

Image        logo

And this is a concept of guerilla marketing: a striking idea is more worth than a big marketing budget. So of course, you need to put a little more time and energy and of course a lot of imagination into what you want to promote. It has to be unexpected, unconventional, interactive, unusual, creative I could go on like this forever… but the most significant thing about guerilla marketing is that it is an advertising strategy that is based on low cost.


Guerilla marketing is a special advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost, unexpected and unconventional methods, in order to promote a product or an idea. It creates buzz, it’s interactive and, in the end, turns viral (if it’s succesful)


But what about the weapons a Guerilla Marketer uses? Simple. Amongst others, he predominantly uses all his contacts. Either personal or professional, doesn’t matter. He’s looking for publicity so I guess everything would be fine. It’s very important to build up a solid ground and a close relationship to your customers so they have enough trust in you in order to support you. They often say: it’s better to retain the existing customers rather than acquiring new ones.

Done poorly, Guerrilla Marketing can make your company look like a nightmare. Done correctly, it is one of the single most powerful marketing tools.

There are so many different kinds of guerilla marketings: there are flashmobs, street giveaways, stickers, graffiti and much more.

 any vandals? cooki business card mini cooper

Look at here – don’t these creative and unique pictures speak to you, they make you laugh, don’t they?  they generate buzz, and if you see sth that extraordinary you’ll start talking about it – and that is the goal!! You’ll want to target consumers and you’ll want to convey or promote a product or an idea so that it turns viral!

The goal of a Guerilla Marketer is to get maximum results from minimal resources!

His secrets about Guerilla Marketing:

  1. engagement (be commited, find a good idea, an “eye-catcher”)
  2. think of improving people’s lives (show a problem)
  3. investment (budget is low, consider every penny not as an expense, but as an investment, be patient)
  4. amazement (“WOW”, be creative)
  5. recognition value (usually more little ads than just one big ad will make people remember you better

Have you seen any surprising guerrilla marketing campaigns that have shocked or excited you? Tell me!

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