India’s people = guniea pigs for the western pharma industries?

India with its 1’241’491’960 inhabitants has lots of poor and sick people but also very well educated doctors who are relatively cheap. Sadly, it’s still hell for Indians wheras it’s paradise for the western pharma corporations.


Because patiens are often that poor so that clinical drug tests, which Indians get for free, are the only chance to get medical treatment. But as if that wasn’t enough, it gets even worse: in many cases the patiens don’t even know that they are being an experimental subject for the doctors.

How could this be possible?

This is what Rama Lakshmi answered in the Washington Post this year.

“Since India eased guidelines for conducting drug trials in 2005, the number of Indians participating has shot up to 150,000 from close to zero, as international drug companies take advantage of lower costs here.”

What has happened since then?

The outcome was the following: in 2010, pharma companies generated business worth of $300 million dollars in India through drug trials – they saved 40% of the total drug development costs. It seems that they did not care about the 2031 people who died between 2008 and 2011 due to drug trials.

What do the concerned paries say?

A patiend at the Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital in Indore, has been taking pills on his doctos advice and he suspects he is being an experiment object.

“I had a pain in my abdomen. They did all sorts of tests, and gave me all sorts of pills to have in the morning, afternoon and at night, but I haven’t got any better. Am I a toad or a rat or a cat that they can test any medication on me?”

If people die because of drug trials, it often happens that families don’t even get a compensation since doctors and pharma companies claim that the death did not have anything to do with the treatment. According to a Merck spokesman, the Merck subsidiary was not found liable for any compensation and no deaths were reported in the trials.

Dr. Anand Rai has a rather alarming opinion about the drug trials taking place in India:

“To rope patients in without proper consent, without informing them that they are taking part in a drug trial – it is both unethical and illegal.”

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In the end it’s only a few profiting from the drug trials: hospitals, pharma industries and doctors. And like with so many other important issues it’s the mass of simple and poor people who have to suffer and pay even with lives for the experiments of the greedy because they don’t have any other chance.

If you were poor so that you couldn’t afford any medication and your child was deadly sick, could you say no to any medication even if it was drug trials?