“Hit the road, Black.”

What have Yoko Ono and hip-hop stars, musicians and models, infants and pensioners, fashion editors and violinists, even men and women in common?

– Yes! Probably nothing… despite of one exception: THE LITTLE BLACK JACKET of the famous fashion house Chanel. You won’t believe it? Then check out the gallery in a vacantly tunnel of the U3 station at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin where the public can discover upon tomorrow Karl Lagerfeld‘s 113 photographs of celebreties wearing this jacket.

…and due to the fact that I wrote „exception“, Karl Lagerfeld can be never far away. He is the man of the moment and a genius in making the impossible come true… in this case: even that men look sexy in „the“ female tweed classic of fashion designer revolutionary Coco Chanel.

The german metropole is the penultimate stop of the unique exhibition, following on Tokyo, New York, London, Paris among others and will have it’s end in Seoul. This tuesday was the big opening party with presence of Monsieur Lagerfeld personally.

The magic of the jacket

What is the message of that project? According to Lagerfeld- this is the jacket that can be worn by one and all… and I want to add: of course if you have the necessary money. The versatility and timelessness of the 50 years old Chanel jacket costs 1000€ and is produced in a very detailed and handmade process.

Interested?- Great! Hit the road and go to the gallery. Big surprise: the entry is free!

The exhibition will be open rom Friday 23th November to Friday 14th December 2012:

U3 station & tunnel

Potzdamer Platz 1 (Entrance Leipziger Platz)

10785 Berlin

The illustrated book:

“The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld”

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