Wanna be more productive – go and sleep!

Power Naps highly improve your performance

In times when everyone wants you to work harder, achieve higher goals and be the perfect hardworking employee every CEO wants, majority of people simply work overtime and cut their private life to a shrinking piece of almost nothing. Beside medicine and/or illegal other substances there is one easy way out of that dilemma. I am quite sure, because of the headline of this post, you already know what I am writing about, don’t you?

Imagine to be 100% more focussed at work or in lectures

In very recent discussions leading scientists and agree on one thing: you are 100 % MORE productive if you take a midday nap. This was proven by no one less than the NASA! They found out that it even improves your memory functions. Please, try to consider the possible outcome in performance at work, lectures or other situations where you need to focus and concentrate. In some regions it is normal to have a “siesta”-break but what is behind all this?

“We should stop feeling guilty about taking that ‘power nap’ at work or at college.”

Power Naps are good for you and your body

A power nap after lunch helps your body to process his biorhythm. It lowers the potential danger of heart diseases and supports your well-being in terms of diet and digestion. What many people don’t realize: it actually is mood-improving! Everywhere we hear and read how important soft skills are, imagine your ability to connect to business associates if you feel fresh, happy and focused!

How to Power nap efficiently

Of course it is not easy to manage a short power nap at work. Colleagues and superiors have to be convinced – but as you see there are multiple PROs about a short nap around lunchtime. To be able to make the most of that short there are some relaxation practices and methods to sleep faster and more efficient.But pay attention. Do not sleep more than 1 hour. Otherwise your body thinks, “Oh wow we got more time here, we could go directly into our normal sleeping cycle”. And this is, where you are in trouble. Entering your normal sleep cycle but failing to finish it leads you to a phenomenon called sleep interia – you feel even more tired than before.

Learning while Sleeping – A Power Nap makes it possible

And there is so much more to discover about power naps! As stated in this article a power nap obviously strengthens your mental health. Have you ever had the feeling that you improved in something without working on out or practicing, such as dancing or sports in general? Professionals just proved that the human being reprocesses learned accomplishments while sleeping! So whenever you are stressed and under pressure to reach any goals, a short power nap could help to be more productive and efficient!