The Utopic Green Economy – Potentially in Latin America?

Although Latin America is developing rapidly, it is sill suffering enormous social problems and inequality. José Rivera, the permanent secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA) himself states:

“One out of three Latin Americans is living in poverty and nearly 90 million people are surviving on less than one dollar a day, so we need long-term growth that is more equitable and environmentally sustainable,”

Transforming Latin America into a union of sustainable and ecological countries would be a an essential step in reducing those income inequities and fighting against poverty. An official document called The vision of the green economy In Latin America and the Caribbean  by the SELA provide a comprehensive overview on the project explaining in detail how this Latin America could be transformed.

Greening a Brown Economy

Greening a brown economy is how José Rivera and his colleagues call it. Indeed we are talking about a brown economy here. Analizing the distribution of energies in Latin America one realizes that ths change won’t happen over night.

With less than 10 % of renewable enrgies in the Matrix, it is quite obvious that the potential resources are not even close to theree utilization. However, Latin America learned from the crisis it endured and most contries consider the green economy as the best alternative to retake the course of growth. Considering that several countries like Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Paraguay and panama already achieved an energy household of 100 % renewable enrgies it seemes quite unclear how those countries must have such a small impact on the total household. To understand the full process “Greening the economy” the “players” have to be identified as well.

As we see mexico ranks first in fuel production at 24.7%, followed by Brazil, 22.9%; Venezuela, 20.4% and so on. That makes it clear, that in order to achieve a greed economy in Latin America those countries have to be focused. Obviously is a need of giant invesmets, most of the investments needed for the transformation towards a green economy are
expected to come from the private sector, which has greater financial resources thanthe public sector to perform such reconversion. But the potential of alternativ energy in Latin America is unquestionable.

Outlook of Renewalbe Energy Sources

Latin American Countires still hasa long way to go in production and generation of renewable energy sources. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that those most important countires of energy production in Latin America stand out in the world in some types of renewable energy sources.

As regards existent capabilities in 2010, Brazil occupied the second and fourth
positions in the world in biomass and total capacity of renewable energy sources,
including hydraulic energy. Mexico ranked fourth for its installed capacity in geothermal energy. With regard to the addition of renewable energy sources in 2010, Brazil excels in
three items: it occupies position number 5 in new capabilities and position number
2 in production of ethanol and biodiesel. In this latter item, Argentina ranked third.

The following last graph stresses the potenital even more:


Personally I strongly believe, there is no doubt that the vision of a green economy can be achieved by Latin America. Facing the limited fossil fuels, society has to adjust and stop the exploitation of our planet. More and more countries realize the trend which ensures that the incentives will not be temporary. Please feel free to leave a comment, bring in your thoughts and state what you are thinking.