Making it to the top. Anywhere in the world! For women just a dream?

Its typical that managers are male. But what about women? Their participiation in the economy has only slowly increased during the last century. Why? Personally, I’d like to see more women in positions of authority.

So let’s watch the TED talk by the Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg who states that out of 190 heads of state there are only nine women. Of all the people in parliament in the world, 13% are women. In the corporate sector, women at the top, c-level jobs, board seats amount to only 16%.

It’s hard to say that we really live in a just world. Of course, we live in a democracy with equal rights to freedom of choice and self-fulfillment. But do organizations really treat each individual with fairness and respect?

Are men and women treated the same way?

Let’s face it: The days of suppression are not quite over yet. We are not all equal. There are still barriers that prevent the advancement of women.

Nowadays, however, this is a normal behavior in companies. They mostly, represent the work of men, due to the fact that men are the breadwinners. No wonder, that the majority of managers are men. Masculinity remains prevalent in the ranks of management.

Last Wednesday the EU commission decided that till 2020 there should be at least 40% of women in all european management leading positions.

If we have a look at the thirty DAX-companies in Germany, there are many concerns like Adidas, VW and Allianz that have to improve their proportion of women. Hence, they have to stick to the new regulations of the EU-commission and have to hire more women.

So, go ahead – if you’re a woman and looking for a job – apply here!

 You can clearly see, the amount of women working for Adidas amounts only 10%, for Allianz even less. These companies have a 30% women-rate as their goal. So here are best career chances.

But still: give executive chairs only to those that are qualified regardless to the gender!

However, some men who get refused after applying for a job despite better qualifications can sew the company for compensation, according to Europäischer Gerichtshof.

So it’s still essential for an enterprise to always chose people that have the best professional qualifications.

Do you think, that a healthy balance between men and women in the workforce can be accomplished? Comments are welcome!