Berlin by Night – A Guide to Berlin`s Best Bars

Have you been to Berlin`s best Bar?

Berlin has become The place to be. Why waste time in NY if you can have soo much more fun in Berlin. This week we will have a look at some of the coolest bars in Berlin.

In August 2011,  The Guardian published a post on his online platform named 10 of the best bars in Berlin so let us have a closer look at a small collection of their bars of choice.

Die Weinerei


The Guardian appraises Die Weinerei because for only two Euros the you can rent a glass and get free refills. It is up to the consumer to leave as many tips as they wish to. How cool is that?

Blogger JC calls Die Weinerei  a “Pay-what-you-want Bar” and encourages the reader to visit this charming place:

One of the great things about Berlin is that, for a Western European capital, it’s surprisingly cheap. Go out drinking with friends and you’ll rarely get a nasty surprise when the check turns up. There are also bars where the check doesn’t turn up at all.

Das Hotel

A great hotel wants you to feel at home when you stay. And this is what it feels like when visiting Das Hotel, like you are sitting at home with some friends; Only that you have better service and a cooler crowd surrounding you. Located next to the Kottbusser Tor, the location of this bar is definitely a plus.

Eva-Lena Weinstock recognizes Das Hotel on as:

A hip crowded bar off Paul-Lincke-Ufer that you can’t help falling in love with. – Or is it rather the other patrons that you’re falling in love with?

Prater Garten 

What would Germany be without its beer gardens?

Berlin`s oldest beer garden is was established in 1937 and has since then been an important part of the local culture. Especially for visitors having one of the local beers can become a great experience of the German lifestyle, including sitting on beer benches and eating Wiener Schnitzel. Lets hope the winter is over soon, until then they have an indoor area…just in case the beer does not keep you warm enough…


Got excited? Just to get you in the mood and to introduce all foreign reader to the flair of Berlin, why don´t you have a look at the following video: