Why Bio?

Health Trendy vs. Essential

A recent study shows that half of Germans are obese and overweight. People spend more and more time at home in front of their computers without exercising. And not only grown-ups are affected. An increasing number of children are getting overweighted and don’t go out to the playground any longer but stay at home to play video games. The food at schools or in daycare centers is more than questionable as well. Is pizza a healthy choice for a child? Definitely not.

Yes, the trend is terrifying. Sure, we need to do something about the situation; we need to do something that leads to a healthier lifestyle. There are certainly plenty of new approaches: Yoga, Pilates, meditation, fair trade, ecotourism, bio… the list goes on and on. But do they really give a solution to the problem?

Bio – A Better Choice?

Let’s concentrate for a moment on healthy food choices and their benefits as an example. What do we know about the benefits of organic food? For once, Organic food is friendlier to the environment. Secondly, organic processed food does not contain hydrogenated fat, the kind of unsaturated fat that carries health risks like heart diseases, but normal processed food on the contrary does.

On the other hand, this kind of food is a lot more expensive and not everyone can therefore afford it, which is an important aspect to be taken into consideration. Other than that, studies by the Food Standards Agency UK claim to have found out that organic food is not healthier than normal food after all.

Natural Beauty

Ok, so even if bio is not necessarily the right choice when it comes to food, what about bio beauty products then? Does bio count there? Are they better than the “mainstream” beauty products?

That depends. To every product there are advantages and disadvantages.

When making your own cosmetic product you certainly know every ingredient that you put in and there are no surprises or whatsoever on the reaction of your skin. It is definitively cheaper to make your own products. Paying 35 dollars for a body scrub? Is that really necessary? No. You just mix sugar with any liquid (oil is a because oil moisturizes the skin) and there you have your body scrub. That costs maybe 2 EUR tops. In addition to that it is much more ecofriendly. Do you throw away you coffee grounds after you’re done drinking your coffee? Why not use it as a great anti-cellulite scrub?

If it’s good enough to be in your body, it sure is good enough to go on it!

On the other hand due to the lack of chemicals it is hard to preserve self-made beauty products for a long time. Also, even though chemicals in normal beauty products might irritate your skin, they work quicker, which is also a huge advantage. In addition to that, the scope of products is limited. Body lotion, shampoo or scrub are easy to make. You just need a couple of basic ingredients and there you go. But what about a mascara or eye shadow?  It is not impossible to do that by yourself but it takes a lot of time and who has that nowadays?

It’s up to you

In the end when it comes to food everyone has to decide for themselves whether they would like to change to bio or stick with normal food.  It is not about whether this or that product is better, the choice is up to you. But I would like to encourage you to think about your choices twice before making them.  When it comes to beauty products ask yourself that question: Do you really need that super fancy conditioner which costs 40 EUR per 100 ml and maybe even support environmental pollution with it? Or is it more practical to use the rest of your olive oil and have a great result afterwards? Sometimes it’s just better to try “going bio”. It’s better for yourself and for the environment.