Tired – what about a power nap?

Lately, we were asked to find our common interests in our BUSAPPS groups. What no one could ever have expected, one of the most common interests is sleeping, according to the conversations and discussions we all had. In fact, sleeping and everything that has to do with it, i.e. effective sleeping, dreaming or somnology seems to become more and more interesting to the modern society – since we tend to be in a rush 24/7, most likely on the expense of time we should spend sleeping.

A Power Nap – Why ?

You don’t believe me? Have you been tired lately? Yes? Then you are part of the majority of stressed and pressured people with too less sleep. It is an issue for almost everyone. Especially business people, students and teachers know that problem. According to experts the human being needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep, but we all sleep less, don’t we? As one of the most prominent proponents of this view, www.powernaps.com states that powernaps are ”a healthy habit that leads to a longer, productive life.” It is not as difficult as you might think to learn power napping!

Power Naps highly inrease your performance and life satisfaction!

A powernap is an intensive sleep period of 30 minutes or less. It highly empowers your full performance. It is refreshing and offers new energy to reach your daily goals. A group of observers in Asia already integrated powernap stations in their companies. And it works, they have proven an increase in their work performance – and in their life satisfaction. Power naps are the keys for a life with less stress!

What is behind somnology?

To understand the essentials it is important to know how sleep cycles work:

Power Nap – The key to a better Life

Exhaustion is a growing medical, psychical and social problem of the modern age. Especially in such fields as mental or psychical afflictions, which are undisputed highly connected to life satisfaction and stress issues. Thus, somnology, the science that examines sleep, is really relevant to each of us. So why are we waiting? Stop thinking, start sleeping!