Let’s talk about green architecture

How can architecture actually be green?

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In his blog “10 reasons Architects can fix it”, Jody Brown states that

Architects are some of the only professionals that are educated and trained to find, explore, consider, analysis, and obsess over solutions for complex problems

So why shouldn’t they be able to create buildings which are sustainable and beautiful at the same time? The answer is:  architects are able to do so!

Because architects  believe in efficiency; water conservation, recycling, and using our resources wisely.(Brown,Jody 2011)

You want to see an example how green architecture works?

There you go:

 The German Federal Environment Agency’s building,  is…
  •  …Located in Dessau, Germany
  • …designed by the architects Sauerbruch & Hutton from 1992 – 2005
  • …a four-story office building for 790 employees

But what makes this buildinggreen?

1.  The photovoltaic system :
The solar panels cover the whole roof of the snake-shaped building.
As the solar power is used to power the whole air conditioning system
the  energy consumption from non-renewable energies could be limited.
2. The heating and cooling strategies:
As almost the building’s whole facade is covered with glass, the architects ensured
that every room can be naturally lit and provided  with natural ventilation.
Also the atrium in the center of the building helps to regulate the temperature.

By looking at the facts mentioned above, I hope you got a better understand of what green architecture is about.

In my next post I want to focus on the problems green architecture faces in order to